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A land of lyrical fairytales, Turkey has become a traveller’s first love. The destination is not just a tourist spot. It is an experience on the whole. Turkey is rich in history, landscapes, authentic food, raw beach beauty, brewing local spices and cityscapes. The country boasts about its ancient ruins and monuments. The Silk Road stretch in the country is filled with colourful hues of trade, handicrafts, rest areas, traditions and customs of different communities. You can encounter the romantic Lycian ruins near the Mediterranean azure beauty. The wavy valleys of Cappadocia are straight out of a travellers dream. At the same time, you explore the hilly regions of the southwest coast of Turkey. The landscape of the country makes heads turn every time.

Turkey gives all the adventures of air, water and land. Visitors thrill to the beach sports, hot air balloon rides or the trekking stir. The country is world-famous for its culinary experience. Dive into olive oil dipped vegetables with sugar washed baklava. Endear the jewel of the Silk Route with classic souks.


A multitude of cultures and traditions

Istanbul has a history of several invaders trying to get a grip on it. The same influence can be seen in the food as well. You will find the Ottoman wave in many monuments and mosques here. The city dons with a diverse culture which can be seen in the locals living here. You can find the taste of both Asia and Europe in its architecture and food.


Young, raw with a modern edge

Ankara is a city of the youth and is comparatively vivacious. Thanks to the presence of embassies, travel and immigration kiosks. The city is dotted with sidewalk cafes and multi-cuisine restaurants. Modern culture and economic progress have given Ankara a unique edge to its identity. Monuments like Anit Kabir and Musem of Anatolian Civilisations make it significant.


A chic and classy Turkish delight

Turkey’s classic spot is Antalya. Its historic realms and stylish waves have made it stand apart in the country. Sway through the Ottoman ruins and structures while you make your way through the windy lanes. Leave an imprint on the Roman-era harbour that has a backdrop of blue-haze mountains. Pristine beaches and engaging museums kiss the city. Enjoy the finely preserved ancient memories.

Local culture & heritage


Unique attires with hues of Ottoman tradition

The traditional dress-up of Turkish clothes comes from the Ottoman culture. Females wear tops of several styles and lengths paired with salwar. The conventional male dress includes a salvar, jacket and vest. You will find the popularity of traditional attire in the eastern part of Turkey. Seasons decide the wear of the locals. Winters are harsh here, and multilayers of clothes are a must. While in summers, when Turkish people hike on mountains to feed the cattle, they carry thick jackets but wear them according to the will of the wind. Females adorn printed scarfs on their heads with beads at the ends. The bridal wear of both the bride and the groom are glittery and colourful.


Relish tastes of near and far surrounding regions

Turkey carries a rich heritage of the Ottoman Empire. You will find a harmonious amalgamation of Mediterranean cuisine, Central Asian, Armenian, Eastern Europe, Balkan and Middle-eastern cuisine. Being an iconic spot on the Silk Route, the food here gives shades of many parts of the world. Olive oil is a staple; Baklawa is as sweet as the local, and kebabs are just magnetic. Restaurants in Turkey are inviting, but if you happen to mingle with the locals, you will be greeted with traditional tea and warmth in their hearts. Locals like to breakfast with soft and warm kaboos with curry, cheese, cucumber and eggs. Summers see a lot of melons on the tables of Turkey. In contrast, winters see lots of vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups.

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Cappadocia- a wonder world

Skies in Turkey in the early mornings are like slow-moving balloons in the air. The most famous and loved hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is famed for giving unparalleled scenic beauty. The place is renowned for raw and untouched colourful hazy mountains. You will fall in love all over again with the creation of mother earth.

Take the trails

Walk the treks, climb the hills, locals or trekkers- all love the bliss of being on foot in Turkey. The country is blessed with breathtaking mountains paired with exceptional beauty. You will enjoy both long-distance trails and a day walk. Mingle with the locals to live in the gist of the community.



Exotic spices, hand-woven handicrafts, metalsmith utensils and more - Bazaars in Turkey have every colour and taste. Thanks to the traders on the Silk Route, you will find many handicraft and spices in abundance. Goldsmith, street food, souvenirs, scents, fruit mart, modern shopping arcades- many souks in the country give you the aroma of the past. From local designer to famed labels, your shopping experience in Turkey will be impeccable. Do not miss the old maps, rare titles, and second-hand books mart. The most loved souk is the traditional wear souk that displays all colours of the Turkey tradition.


Live & celebrate the Turkish life

You need to book hotels while you travel to Turkey. But do not forget to blend with the locals. Be a part of their traditions and see the hospitality of Turkey angels. The citizens are hard-working people and love to socialise with families on occasions and festivals. The smile through the wrinkled skin speaks volumes about the happiness they get from seeing tourists. Turkey is known for its bespoke warm heart that makes it so unique amongst visitors.

Sights & Attractions


Colossal monuments, ancient structures, trekking, hiking, food vacation and way beyond this are what Turkey offers. Cappadocia sees early morning hues dotted with colourful hot air balloons. Topkapi Palace sees a heavy footfall of visitors. Pamukkale rests with white cut mountains holding natural springs within itself, making it one of the world’s most beautiful spa towns. Aya Sofya is the most beautiful story of the ancient Ottoman.

Events & Festivals in Turkey

Find out what's happening

13th APRIL 2021 to 12th MAY 2021


See and believe in the importance of fasting during this month.

Jun 30th 2021- 17th July 2021

Istanbul Shopping Festival

Enjoy a fantastic shopping experience with discounts and offers.

14th Oct 2021- 18th Oct 2021

Instanbul International Bachata Festival

Indulge in the Turkish traditions. Be a part of the most happening festival.

Dec 31st 2021

48th Istanbul Music Festival

Catch the beat of Turkish drums and swing to the tunes of traditional music.


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