Turkey has developed a reputation as a meat-eating nation owing to the popularity of its famous kebab. But it doesn't mean vegetarians will go hungry. There is always stress for travelers about whether they will get a meat-free restaurant or not.

While traveling to Turkey, you need not worry much about the tasty greens which suit your lifestyle. You can easily find the best Restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition to locating budget-friendly cafes with tasty cuisine, they also need to find out whether the following location they visit will have a veggie meal. Traveling meatless eaters to foreign countries is a challenging task. Turkey is known for its kebabs, meat, and typical Turkish cuisine.

You might get surprised to learn that vegan Turkey meals and vegetarian meals are now getting common in traditional Turkish cuisine. The meals are relatively fruitarian-friendly, with various edible roots and legumes as significant ingredients in multiple recipes.

As the vegan kitchen has just gained popularity in Istanbul and Turkey, the sources for discovering them are limited, in contrast to the local dishes.

Many restaurants are entirely plant-based. Still, most are pleased to cater to and even feature vegetarian options on the menu.

In recent years, several Restaurants in Istanbul have opened in the city to meet the rising demand for vegans and vegetarians. Here are our top six picks, all of which are worthwhile visits for a wholesome meal. In recent years, several Restaurants in Istanbul have opened in the city to meet the rising demand for vegans and vegetarians. Here are our top six picks, all of which are worthwhile visits for a wholesome meal.

Galata Kitchen

galata kitchen best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

Galata Kitchen, located in the city's Beyoglu area, is a modest, inconspicuous cafe owned by two mothers who produce tasty, wholesome, and soulful dishes to satisfy all your food demands. Galata Kitchen's menu varies daily to promote healthy eating. They serve a variety of handmade soups, antipasti, appetizers, salads, and main meals and are regarded as one of the region's best vegetarian and vegan options. The cuisine is made from fresh ingredients and high-quality oils, and this Restaurant in Turkey takes delight in reproducing classic Turkish recipes.

Location: Near Galata Tower in Beyoglu

Bi'Nevi Deli

bi nevi deli best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

If you are looking for an animal-free restaurant, your search end here. Bi'Nevi Deli is entirely a vegetarian restaurant. Making recipes with natural foods, plant-based components, and minimally processed products. They offer a simple café sitting as well as an outside dining space. Even if you are not vegan, you must try these vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey.

With anti-inflammatory oils and core ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds, make sure you get the healthiest food. If you are gluten intolerant or paleo, they have very delicious options for those too. You can also get your hands on some scrumptious vegan Istanbul desserts.

Location: Etiler, Be?ikta

Falafel House

falafel house best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

Looking for a budget-friendly place for on-the-go breakfast and lunch in Turkey with a vegetarian menu. You are at the right place. This falafel house provides everything under budget and healthy recipes on the menu. Enjoy Middle Eastern favorites such as hummus, tabbouleh, ful, and, of course, falafel with a view and beautiful weather. This vegetarian restaurant in Istanbul is located in the centre of the Beyolu area, just a few steps from Taksim Square. Despite Istanbul's renowned street food and takeout culture, very few food vendors currently sell clean and healthful vegetarian choices. In such circumstances, Falafel House is a breath of fresh air, attracting tourists worldwide.

Location: Taksim Square, Beyo?lu

Zencefil Café

zencefil cafe best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

Zencefil Café is one of Turkey's oldest cafes when people were unaware of organic diets. This is the highest-rated vegetarian restaurant in Turkey. Each recipe is prepared from scratch using fresh local ingredients. All the ingredients are in-house, and with the rustic ambience, the place gives a breezy feel. If you're passionate about being an environmentally conscious traveler, this is an extra benefit. You can dine in for breakfast, lunch, and supper here, and the menus and specials are always translated into English, so if you're worried about a language barrier, Zencefil has you covered.

Location: Beyoglu, Taksim

Mahatma Café

mahatma cafe best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

This cafe is one of Istanbul's totally pure veg restaurants in Istanbul. Only seasonal fruits and vegetables, tossed and fried in olive oil, are served at the restaurant. It features a joyful and vibrant atmosphere, colorful furnishings, and an open seating area. Another intriguing aspect of the restaurant is that the entire menu is available in Braille. It is suitable for blind people as well. The must-try dishes are Hummus, Mahatma soup, vegetable burger, special Mahatma cookies, and stuffed patty.

Location: Kad?köy district


tavanarasi best vegetarian restaurants in istanbul turkey instaturkeyvisa

Tavanarasi, an excellent vegetarian restaurant for a more romantic lunch, is located on the top level and might be a little confusing to discover for newcomers. But once you do, you'll be pleased you did because of the Indian vegetarian food in Turkey. Good service, an intimate setting, tightly spaced tables in a tiny and primitive dining room, and cuisine all contribute to the feeling that you're in for a special treat. It does become crowded later in the evening, so make a reservation or visit late afternoon or early evening to avoid the crowds.

Location: Asmal? Mescit, Türkiye

Of all the above vegetarian restaurants, some are fantastic, and some are cheap, which will surely come under your budget. Apply for your Turkey visa with ease since now you have no concerns about the cuisine. In fact, the city of Istanbul has decided to double down on that fact by offering more vegetarian-friendly eateries. We're certain you'll enjoy the most sumptuous vegetarian eating experiences from breakfast to brunch, supper to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal.

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