Do you wish to have a fantastic Turkish experience in Istanbul? If yes, visit one of the largest cities in the world that comes with traditional Turkish essence. Istanbul is the most visited city on the Silk Road. A valid Istanbul visa can help you visit this exciting city.

It's in the northwest of Turkey, and this is the point where East meets West. It's situated on two continents, Europe and Asia. Formally known as Constantinople, this city goes back thousands of years. Istanbul is Turkey's economic, cultural, and historical center.

Istanbul is inspiring because it has its code of architecture, literature, culinary heritage, and vibrant local atmosphere.

Istanbul has amazing things to do, which would require 3-5 days on your itinerary. After applying for an Istanbul visa, you must indulge in these vacation-worthy Things to do in Istanbul. This blog will guide you toward it.

1. Visit the iconic Mosque

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

  • The iconic Blue Mosque, originally known as Sultanahmet Mosque, is an Ottoman-era historical imperial mosque. The 20,000 hand-painted glazed blue ceramic tiles in 60 different tulip patterns that adorn the Mosque's interior walls gave birth to its name. Two hundred stained glass windows come to light at night as blue as light frames to its five main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes.
  • Facing the Blue Mosque on the golden horn side of Sultanahmet lies one of the iconic structures of mankind, Hagia Sophia. Once a great Church in Christendom, it was transformed into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. Today Haga Sophia is a religious place evolving from a museum back in 2020. Visit to this building is free that comes with morning walking tours.

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2. Witness the history of Istanbul at Topkapi Palace

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Admire the history of the Ottoman Sultan's lifestyle at Topkapi Palace. The Ottoman sultans' primary residence and administrative headquarters in the 15th and 16th centuries are just behind the Hagia Sophia. Rooms are decorated with beautiful tiles, gold, and other decorative materials. Artillery from the Ottoman Empire is also on display to impress you. So what are you waiting for? Apply for your Istanbul visa now.

3. Enjoy the sky-high view

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

For Istanbul's captivating and vibrant view, you must visit the Galata Tower. Once used as a watchtower, it is now converted into a museum. The historic tower sets high above the city, giving visitors the best view of the town. The rubble stone tower offers a beautiful panoramic view of Istanbul, where you can enjoy a meal and drinks.

4. Rejuvenate with a Turkish bath

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

The Turkish bath, or Hamam, has been part of Turkish culture since the 1400s. A place for public bathing and steam bath, especially to purify your body and mind. A unique massage that begins with first sweating and rinsing your body in a steam room for about 30 minutes, followed by a full body scrub with different salts and other exfoliation procedures to remove dead skin. It's a therapeutic experience.

5. Relax and enjoy the scenery

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Visit Galata Bridge to watch fishermen lined up on the bridge, bustling Eminonu Square, along with the backdrop of the New Mosque. Take in the stunning surroundings as you watch the fisherman at work and a row of eateries serving fresh seafood below the bridge.

An admiring view for romantic travellers and couples—a walk practically at the same level as the water can be a peaceful experience at the bridge.

6. A cheaper way to travel around

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Use public transportation (bus, trams, cable car, ferry, etc.) and public washrooms at a lower price; get yourself an Istanbul card which can be obtained by individual and corporate representatives or from ticket machines across Istanbul. Easy recharges across the ticket machines are available.

7. Shop till you drop

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

  • Haggle your way into the world's largest Grand Bazaar, where one can find custom-made lamps, Turkish pottery, and many traditional Turkish items. The bazaars of Istanbul are pretty colorful and fun for window shopping too.
  • Don't forget to visit the spice bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, where you can find different varieties of spices, tea, Turkish cups, dried fruits, saffron, and much more—a great place to explore the aromas and flavors of Turkey. Start making your shopping list for Istanbul, and don't forget to apply for your Istanbul visa.

8. Ferry the Bosphorus cruise

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Sail down the Bosphorus Strait on a ferry, yacht, or private boat, passing the attraction of Europe on one side and Asia on the other. Beautiful mansions, palaces, and fortresses are lined up here.

One may get a panoramic view of the Bosphorus Bridge and its breathtaking nighttime illumination. Discover classy Istanbul with a difference.

9. Relish the Turkish coffee

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Its commonly said that "A single cup of Turkish coffee is remembered for 40 years." The phenomenal art of preparing frothy Turkish coffee with finely ground beans in a cezve (a long-handled metal pot). A must-try delicious and unique cup of Turkish coffee. Designed especially with a layer of foam on top and an intense flavor, usually served in a small Turkish cup with Turkish delight on the side.

Fun fact: Turkish coffee got added to UNESCO's List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity, making it the first beverage on the list.

10. Enjoy the thrilling up top view

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Travel to Uludag mountain for great views and famous Turkish lunch via Istanbul's cable car. The sweeping view of Mt. Uludag is worth snapping pictures of and drinking Turkish coffee. The Istanbul cards can access the cable car.

11. Savour the Turkish food

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Istanbul streets have fantastic vendors selling authentic Turkish food- Kababs, Gozleme, Roasted chestnuts, Doners, etc. Istanbul makes headlines in the culinary world with Turkish Delight, Baklava, and Turkish ice cream.

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12. Walk the street

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Walk the vibrant Istikal Street; the busiest street in the city is a long pedestrian shopping street that ends at Taksim Square. A stretch of many shops, café, movie theatres, bars, and fantastic street food—Istikal Street is the perfect place to try the local cuisine, traditional Turkish breakfast and a great shopping experience.

13. Become friends with Turkish cats

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

The purr-fect city for cats, Istanbul is also known as the capital city of cats. You'll watch cats getting fed in neighbourhoods all over Istanbul. These cats are friendly with local people as well as tourists. Food and water bowls are lining the city's roadways; residents have placed miniature cut houses to look after street cats as a communal effort.

14. Get your souvenirs

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Buy attractive souvenirs that represent Turkey’s traditional frame to relive memories.

The cultural palette of Turkey has the following:

  • Pashminas
  • Turkish Jewellery
  • Evil eye
  • Iznik pottery
  • Turkish carpets
  • Handmade olive oil soaps
  • Turkish jams and honey
  • Raki
  • Hammam accessories

15. Experience the vibrant Istanbul nightlife

things to do in istanbul turkey from instaturkeyvisa

Istanbul is a fascinating city at night; things get quiet; the storefronts are closed, and you can head to the restaurants and enjoy the evening walks. Captivating and vibrant, Istanbul nights are a feast for the senses. The city transforms into a dazzling wonderland as the sun sets, beckoning you to explore its charms. The temperature during the night is delightful. It's advised to walk on famous streets like Istikal Street and head to Divan Yolu Caddesi, where you can get some street food and get mocked by Turkish Ice cream vendors that put up a great show with funny tricks before they hand you a yummy ice cream.

Live life to the fullest as the world is vast to explore. Travel and make some memories somewhere between living and dreaming. One must gaze at Istanbul once in a lifetime. You'll find serenity and calmness here.

Get your Istanbul visa, choose your itinerary, pack your bag, and make some memories.