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Our company traces its origins back to 2011 when we opened our first travel agency in Istanbul. Over the past successful years in the travel industry we have gained expertise and specialised iN. With over 50 MILLION Istanbul Permit already issued, you can trust us to deliver the services in time... always!


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General information about Istanbul visas

Istanbul is a fascinating city that straddles the continents of Europe and Asia and is steeped in history and culture. Known as the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Istanbul boasts a wealth of historical and architectural treasures, from the stunning Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque to the sprawling Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar. Beyond its historic sites, Istanbul is a vibrant modern metropolis with a dynamic food scene, lively nightlife, and world-class museums and galleries.
Istanbul tourism requires most foreign visitors to obtain a visa before arrival. Tourists may apply for a valid Istanbul visa online from their homes; 30-day (single entry) and 90-day (multiple entries) visas are provided on Insta Turkey Visa.
Tourists can obtain visas online through our website Insta Turkey Visa, a quick and easy way to get access for many nationalities. The validity of an e-visa varies according to its type, so plan your trip accordingly.

Types of E-visa

The two types of Istanbul visas offered by Insta Turkey Visa are:

  • 30 days E-visa (Single-entry):
    This Visa is ideal for travellers wishing to explore the country or visit family and acquaintances.
    Visa validity after entering: 30 days
    Visa validity from the date of issue:180 days
  • 90 days E-visa (Multiple-entry):
    This Visa is ideal for travellers visiting Istanbul for business or diplomatic purposes.
    Visa validity after entering: 90 days
    Visa validity from the date of issue:180 days

Insta Turkey Visa also provides a few visa processing services for all types of Istanbul visas.

  • Regular Service- Visa processing time is 24-48 hours
  • Express Service- Visa processing time is 12 hours
  • One-hour Service- Visa processing time is 1 hour

Frequently Asked Questions

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Turkey Facts and Figures
Istanbul Facts & Figures
Second-oldest subway system: Istanbul's metro system
Famous sport: Football
Number of stores in Grand Bazaar: 3,000+
Suffrage: 18 years; universal
Another name for Istanbul: Constantinople

Istanbul Tourism

Istanbul, formally known as Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey where East meets West. Its know as Turkey's economic, cultural, and historic centre. Istanbul is famous for its architecture, literature, culinary heritage, and vibrant local atmosphere.

Let's explore a few fantastic places in Istanbul.

Istikal Street
Istiklal Street is a must-see for visitors exploring Istanbul, one of Istanbul's most popular gathering places and hub for activities. The stretch of shops, cafes, bars, cinemas and restaurants makes this street the city's busiest. Experience the unique energy of Istanbul on this street and visit the museums. The three most famous museums of Istanbul are located on this street.

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia is a major historical and cultural site in Istanbul, the world's largest place of worship. The mosque is renowned for its stunning beauty and architectural mastery, which has captivated visitors for centuries. The main dome of the mosque is a masterpiece of engineering, measuring 31 meters in diameter and soaring over 55 meters above the ground. The interior of the Hagia Sophia is adorned with thousands of intricate mosaics made from gold, silver, and coloured glass.

Bosphorus Cruise Escape the traffic and set sail on the Bosphorus cruise, a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul, which offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the Bosphorus Strait and the city. Bosphorus cruises are mostly scheduled to coincide with sunset, which adds an extra layer of beauty to the experience.

Topkapi Palace Once a royal family residence between the mid-1400s-1800s and now a museum, wander in the lush gardens and ornate bedrooms and experience how royals must have lived. The unique blend of architectural styles reflects its long history. Topkapi Palace is home to an impressive collection of artwork and artefacts, including intricate carvings, colourful ceramics, and beautiful textiles.

Galata tower Once, a watchtower turned into a museum and a viewpoint—the perfect combination of beauty, history and panoramic views of Istanbul. It's an impressive structure combining Byzantine, Genoese, and Ottoman architectural elements. It is made of stone and brick and features a distinctive cone-shaped top that offers visitors 360-degree views of the city.

Turkish Hamam
Relax and relieve tension in your body with the most famous Turkish bath or Hamam. Haman is a steam bath followed by a Turkish massage and scrubbing away dead skin, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenating the body. Turkish Hamam uses various tools and products to provide a perfect spa experience. A few tools and products are:
• Scented oils and lotions
• Herbal teas
• Copper bowls
• Traditional clothing
• Pestemal(Turkish towel)
• Kese mitt (Exfoliating glove)
• Olive Oil Soap
• Basins and Buckets

Galata Bridge
The Galata Bridge is a landmark bridge in Istanbul that spans the Golden Horn, a natural harbour that divides the city's European and Asian sides. Watch fishermen casting their lines into the water, local families picnicking on the shore, and cargo ships making their way to and from the Black Sea. The Galata Bridge is a unique design of two levels. The lower level is used for vehicular traffic, while the upper level is used for pedestrians. The upper level has cafes, restaurants, and fishing spots that offer stunning views of the Golden Horn and the city skyline.

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