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Our company traces its origins back to 2011 when we opened our first travel agency in Antalya. Over the past successful years in the travel industry we have gained expertise and specialised iN. With over 50 MILLION Antalya Permit already issued, you can trust us to deliver the services in time... always!


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General Information about Antalya Visas

Antalya is the fifth largest city in Turkey and a popular destination for tourists; located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. Antalya is known for its beaches, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife. The city boasts a rich history from ancient times, and visitors can explore its fascinating landmarks and ruins.

Travellers can apply for an Antalya visa online from anywhere in the world from our website Intsa Turkey Visa.

Insta Turkey Visa offers a convenient and hassle-free visa application process for visitors travelling to Antalya. Many nationalities are eligible for an e-visa for Antalya, which helps visitors to enter Antalya.

The e-visa is valid for tourism and business purposes and allows travellers to stay in Antalya.

Types of E-visa

We issue two types of Antalya visas:

  • 30-day e-visa (Single Entry)
    Validity from the date of issue: 180 days
    Validity after entering the city: 30 days
  • 90-day e-visa (Multiple Entry)
    Validity from the date of issue: 180 days
    Validity after entering the city: 90 days

Applicants must complete the simple application form, which requires basic personal information, travel details and scanned documents. The visa-seeker should have a valid passport of 6 months and two passport-size photographs. The e-visa process is fast; you'll receive your e-visa at your registered email address.

We understand urgent travel plans pretty well. Hence, we roll out three types of services to ensure travel as per your necessity.

  • Regular Service- Visa processing time is 24-48 hours
  • Express Service- Visa processing time is 12 hours
  • One-hour Service- Visa processing time is 1 hour

Antalya visa- FAQs

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Turkey Facts and Figures
Antalya Facts & Figures
Number of mosques in Turkey: 82,693
Time zone: UTC=3
Exchange rate: USD 1= 19,39 TL, Euro 1= 21,27 TL
Famous Turkish food: Baklava, Kebab
Type of Muslims: Sunnis Muslims- 80.5 %, Shia Muslims are about 16.5 %
National Drink: Raki

Antalya Tourism

Antalya is a modern city with a bustling economy and a diverse population. Various civilizations, including Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans, ruled the city. Its many attractions include the Antalya Museum, the Old Town of Kaleici, Hadrian's Gate, the Duden Waterfalls, and the Antalya beaches. Antalya, situated on the turquoise coast of southwestern Turkey, is a destination that caters to every type of traveller.

Let's explore a few fantastic places in Antalya.

• Find tranquillity in the rush of water.
Antalya is home to the most beautiful waterfalls, making it a destination for nature lovers.

Kursunlu waterfalls
Kursunlu Waterfalls is one of the famous waterfalls in Antalya, located only 19 km from the city centre. The main drop of the waterfall is from a height of 18 metres, connecting seven splash ponds and a backdrop of pine trees. You can walk around the waterfall, spotting local flora, fauna, and colourful butterflies.

The Duden Falls
The Unique DudenWaterfalls are fed by a river in the Taurus Mountains to flow into the Mediterranean Sea, creating a spectacular view. This waterfall has two parts, 'the Upper Duden Falls' and 'the Lower Duden Falls'.
The impressive Upper Duden Falls drops from 20 meters, located about 12 km northeast of Antalya centre. It is an oasis of nature and peace; walk in the gorge while seeing the cave behind the waterfall.
The lower Duden Falls drops 40 metres from the cliff, located about 8 km from the city centre in the Lara neighbourhood. The best view of the waterfall is from the park on the upper side of the cliffs or by taking a boat.

Manavgat Waterfall
Manavgat Waterfall is situated on the Manavgat River, about 80 km from the city centre. The waterfall is home to various birds, such as the Kingfisher, Cuckoo, Sea Bass, Goose, and many rare species of birds that can be spotted here. Surrounding the waterfall is a picturesque park where visitors can stroll and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. The high flow of the waterfall makes the environment suitable for rafting on the river.

Antalya's waterfalls offer a refreshing escape from the city's busy streets and a chance to reconnect with nature. Whether looking for relaxation or adventure, Antalya's waterfalls will surely leave you with unforgettable memories.

Take a scenic hike
The TunekTepeis a hill on the west side of Antalya with 618 metres in height. You can see the entire bay of Antalya and its sandy beaches from the summit. On the southern outskirts of the hill is the dirt road that will lead your way to the top. A scenic view of the Mediterranean nature pine forest will accompany the hikers. You may also reach the top of the hill with a fantastic cable car ride and explore the revolving restaurant 'Doner Gazino'on the hill.

Watch the sunset
Antalya offers breathtaking sunset views due to its location on the Mediterranean coast. Visitors can enjoy the sunset from oceans and mountains. Some of the best spots for sunset are:

• Lara Beach
• Old Town Harbour
• Ataturk Park
• Talya Beach
• Antalya Marina

Visit the ancient city
Aspendos was a Greco-Roman city 40 km east of modern Antalya. It's home to the best-preserved Roman Theatre in the Mediterranean, where concerts and ballets dance take place. It was built in the 2nd century and could fit an audience of 15,000-20,000 people reflecting the peak of the Roman Empire with its engineering marvels that stuns visitors. Ruins of Aspendoscity can also be found here, such as an arena, aqueducts, temples and streets; these aqueducts were used to carry water 19 miles from the Taurus Mountains into the city.
Pergeor Perga was an ancient Lycian settlement that became a Greek city in Pamphylia—the stunning city of Pergehasa well-preserved Stadium, Agora, Roman Bath and Theatre. The imposing stadium could seat up to 12,000 spectators; various athletic events and gladiator flights occurred here. The theatre could seat up to 15,00 spectators; theatrical performances and concerts were enjoyed here. Perge is also known for its beautiful mosaics and sculptures, many of which are displayed in the Antalya Museum.

Laze on the Beach
Konyaalti Beach
Located just west of Antalya, Konyaalti Beach is a famous pebble beach that offers stunning views of the Taurus Mountains. The beach has several beach bars, restaurants, and water sports facilities. This pebble beach stretches about 7 kilometres with spectacular views of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque sunset from this beach, a popular nightlife destination in Antalya.

Lara Beach Located about 12 kilometres east of Antalya, stretching over 10 km, the beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, water sports activities (parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana boat rides, and more.), and luxurious beach resorts. The sand on the beach is soft and golden, and the water is usually calm, making it ideal for swimming and water sports.
Lara Beach is also home to several luxury beach resorts, including some of Antalya's most exclusive and opulent hotels. Many of these hotels have private beaches and offer guests a range of amenities and activities, including spa treatments, water sports, and fine dining. For adventure-seekers, Antalya also has plenty to offer, from white-water rafting on the Koprulu Canyon River to paragliding over the stunning Taurus Mountains. Whatever your interests, Antalya promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.

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