Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a traveller’s favourite destination. With world’s best cuisines and a rich history, Turkey wins all hearts of the world. This piece of land has a good amount of world’s most famous monuments. The Romans, Ottomans and Byzantines have left imprints on Turkey, which was a famous halt on Silk Route. Its Mediterranean beaches are world-famous romantic getaways. Topkapi Palace in Istanbul has the most colorful history with beautiful concubines, libidinous sultans and ambitious courtiers. Istanbul has earned itself a lot of fame for beautifying movies.

Turkey is blessed with diverse landscapes that are beaded with Agean olives and eastern heaths. This country creates scenic magic with Cappadocia’s fairytale chimneys, slim waivey valleys, Meditterenean coastlines and golden beaches of Patara. Lake Erigdir gifts its visitors spectacular views across mountains while the boondocks of the southcoast peninsula is a blissful watch. The most loved hot air balloon ride at sunrise will give you the best clicks for your travel diary.

With such a mystic background Turkey hosts an array of activities both indoors and outdoors. Beach activities and sports, cultural activities like cultural walking tours or culinary tour are all set to give you your best vacation experiences. Windsurfing, paragliding, rafting, kayaking in the Mediterrenean will make you get lost in the most blue waters. Lycian trail offers the most scenic Turkish views by trail walks and nature walks. You can pick up a culinary course or a medicinal hamam to sink in the Turkish aura.

The deeper your relationship with food in Turkey, the deeper you will bond with Turkey. Fresh ingredients from the Turkish garden for breakfast will give you an insight of the Turkish culture. The Turks are very warm and closely knit when it comes to families sitiing and eating together. Aegean vegetables layered in olive oil and seared spicy kebabs smoking out from the local charcoal will leave you in awe for this country. To make your experience sweet, have a baklawa bite.

Turkey Information

  • Currency :Turkish lira
  • Population :82,003,882
  • Time Zone :UTC+3
  • Area :783,356 km2
  • Capital :Ankara
  • Official Language :Turkish
  • Country calling code :+90
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