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Documents required for a Turkey visa-Do not forget these must-haves

Travellers choosing to enjoy a holiday trip in Turkey or decide to perform commercial activities in Turkey have to travel with a visa. Visa-seekers can readily go for a Turkey visa online with the following benefits:

  • Easily accessible from any country.
  • Quick online visa application.
  • Easy to fill out online Turkey visa application form.
  • Minimum documentation
  • Track record for high chances of visa approvals and fastest processing time.
  • Easy and safe handling of information and documents.
  • Highly secured online payments.
  • Visa expert guidance is available 24X7, via Skype, WhatsApp, or contact@instaturkeyvisa.com.

Types of Turkey visa

Visitors can apply for the following visas:

  • Tourist Visit- visa-seekers can apply for a tourist visa to explore the country's beauty. You can stay here enjoy tourism features like hiking, visiting attractions, trekking, staying, and shopping.
  • Single transit- Travellers with an onward journey can apply for a single-transit visa for Turkey. It is usually chosen when you wish to visit the landscape of Turkey with a single entry during the transit period.
  • Double transit- When you wish to take transit more than once in Turkey, you can apply for a double transit Turkey visa. You can opt for a double transit when you have an onward journey taken with transit in Turkey within the valid time.

Eligibility Criteria for Turkey visa

Every country sets criteria for the issuance of an entry permit. These criteria vary from one country to another. International ties, diplomatic relations, passport rankings, and travel policies all make up pre-requisites that should be met while applying for a Turkey visa.

Preconditions for a Turkey Visa

  • Purpose of travelling- Applicants have to justify their goal of travelling clearly. If the applicant cannot do so, the Immigration officer might get suspicious of issuing an entry permit to Turkey.
  • Applicants from countries like USA or UK should possess a valid passport and have a photograph.
  • Applicants from specific countries need to possess a vital document stating a valid visa OR valid residence permit from Schengen Countries or the USA, Ireland, or UK valid visa.
  • Please stay notified that E-visa for Schengen countries is not a supporting document.
  • All applicants applying for a Turkey visa should hold a valid passport for a successful entry permit.
  • Insurance- It is mandatory to possess travel Insurance (with COVID cover) while traveling to Turkey.
  • Additional documents may be required for applicants according to their nationality.

Visa rejection: Why did my Turkey visa get rejected?

Turkey is a friendly region, and locals are warm and hospitable. They embrace communities from different backgrounds. All these reasons add up to a considerable migration to the country. The availability of all-inclusive and well-budgeted facilities has led to people choosing Turkey as their nest.

The ex-pat ratio of the country has a rational mix of different nationals worldwide. Migrants comprise skilled workers, bloggers, tourists, and even business persons.

Many times, because of negligence or errors, visas get rejected. As a result, trips are delayed, and visitors lose valuable money and time. Look into the following possibilities of visa rejections that can alert you on time:

  • You lose a significant chance of a successful Turkey visa because of the eligibility criteria.
  • When application forms are submitted incomplete, the requisite information is absent in the corresponding fields, chances of visa rejection are inevitable. We advise applicants to seek guidance from visa experts when filling up the online visa application. Reach visa specialists at contact@instaturkeyvisa.com.
  • When applicants provide false information or information that stands fake, the visa is bound to get rejected. Such scenarios further complicate the online visa processing the next time the applicant applies for it. When verifying the online Turkey visa application form, spelling mistakes in names or wrong street addresses or pin codes are seriously dealt with. We advise applicants to be alert while filling out the online Turkey visa application form.
  • Visa-seekers need to be clear in the records of the local police authorities and legal avenues. Applicants carrying criminal records are refused visas straight away.
  • Insufficient funds: A traveller needs to show a decent bank statement while applying for a visa to ensure the accomplishments of the expenses in the destination country.
  • Quality documents- Make sure you submit/upload documents of good quality. Any unclear submitted information might lead to delays or unexpected visa rejections.
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